Banner: Sri Balaji Movies
Cast: Surya, Jyothika, Satyan, Roja
Direction: Singapuli
Production: Kandepi Satyanarayana, SV Rao
Music: Devi Sri Prasad


After giving a big hit like Gajini Suriya has become very popular among the Telugu audiences. Several of his films were dubbed into Telugu including Aaru and the like. Bala, who had directed a blockbuster like Sivaputrudu, turned a producer and produced Maayaavi in Tamil with Suriya and Jyothika in the lead by giving an opportunity to his assistant to direct the film. Maayaavi did well in Tamil and the same was dubbed into Telugu as Kidnap by Kandepi Satyanarayana Rao and SV Rao on the banner of Sri Balaji Movies. The Telugu version took the theme of the film as the title, as the hero kidnaps the heroine.

Balaiah (Surya) is a basically a tourist guide at Mahabalipuram and also a small-time thief. Though a thief, Balaiah is good at heart. Satyaraj (Satyan) is his friend. On Satyaraj’s advice, Balaiah plans to loot a house and accidentally, it happens to be the house of popular heroine Jyothika. Being a fan, Balaiah returns the money, but the police arrest him. After sometime, when Balaiah was accompanying some tourists, Jyothika tells them that he was a thief and spoils his reputation. To teach her a lesson, he frightens her with his mysterious appearance here and there. To avoid this, Jyothika lodges a complaint with the police claiming that Balaiah attempted rape on her at the behest of her manager Krishnamurthy. Balaiah gets jail for three months. After his return from jail, he kidnaps Jyothika but makes it clear to her that he will not harm her. During the period, Jyothika realises what Balaiah is. Soon after Jyothika was relieved by Balaiah, her manager and a corrupt police officer kidnap her and demand Rs 50 lakh for her release. Balaiah saves her and the film ends on a happy note, with Jyothika returning home with the help of police commissioner.img484/8831/kidnap11zf8.jpg

Surya once again proved that he is a versatile actor. He performed the role with tremendous ease. Jyothika too performed well, but she went to extremes in some scenes which gives a feel to the audiences that she is overacting. The sequence in which Surya enters Jyothika’s house to steal, but changes his thought on seeing her was shot well. Especially Surya’s histrionics were hilarious. The director maintained a good tempo in the entire first half which is another plus point for the film.

Though the film has lots of entertainment values, some scenes looked dramatic or cinematic. Especially the kidnap scene in which Surya takes her way is unbelievable. Likewise, Jyotika hanging around with the kidnappers long after Surya asks her to leave (she causes him enough anxiety by pretending to be ill and unconscious) is unbelievable. The trio in hiding talk loudly and also watch TV. She even manages to wave out to the neighbour’s kid, but still none hears them! It’s surprising how she has allowed herself to be the butt of jokes. For instance, comments like “She acts for more than she’s paid,” showed Jyotika’s tendency to overact.

Two of the songs were the lift of old Telugu tunes like – ‘Mass to pettunkute madathadi poddi’ and ‘Gongura Thota Kada Kaapu Kaasa…’ Devisri Prasad’s tunes are okay. It is a mixture of comedy, fantasy and also thriller and Singapuli was able to manage it well to some extent. However, as the film has no storyline to talk about, the success of the film is doubtful.

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