Can Prithviraj’s comedy work?

Prithviraj is an actor who has modelled himself as a serious actor who can play the angry young man roles to the hilt.

His recent hits like Urumi and Anwar had him playing sedate and serious characters, which worked at the box-office.

Now to be an all-rounder and a superstar with reach in Malayalam, one has to “master the art of doing crass comedy characters who play to the gallery.”

Mohanlal and Mammootty have done similar characters many times. Dileep is the king of crass comedy which has made him a very big star with an opening.

Prithviraj’s advisers have been telling him to do mass comedy films, to get that all important family audiences. Prithvi has not done a crass comedy, though some say Shafi’s Chocolate and Lollypop were in the comedy genre.

Prithviraj’s first full length crass comedy film will be Dipu Karunakaran’s  Teja Bhai & Family. However in the second half his angry action hero image has also been mixed to make it work at thebox-office.

It seems he has tried out slapstick comedy with Suraj Venjaranmoodu, which will bring the house down.

If Teja Bhai & Family becomes a hit, this festival season it will be a smoother ride to super stardom for Prithviraj.

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