Chappakurisu Movie Review

Cast: Vineeth Sreenivasan, Fahad Fazil, Roma, Remya Nambeesan, Nivedhita
Direction: Samir Tahir
Production: Listen Stephen
Music: Rex Vijayan

Cinematographer turned debutant director Sameer C Thahir attempts to present a Hollywood style thriller, with Chappa Kurishu. But what he manages to make in the end is a sorry looking cat and mouse game that is simply boring after a while.

The focus is mainly on two young men – Arjun (Fahadh Faasil), who works in a corporate and a sweeper named Ansari (Vineeth Sreenivasan), employed in a super market. Arjun is having a lusty affair with his colleague, Sonia (Remya Nambeesan), even as his parents are busy planning his marriage with Ann (Roma). He is a wily and suave playboy, who can cheat anyone without even batting an eyelid.

Ansari is soft spoken and is a recluse who is having a rather silent romance with a fellow salesgirl Nafeesa (Niveda). The daily activities of the two heroes are being shown in an elaborate way. Things take a different turn when Arjun records his steamy love making scene with Sonia, on his own mobile phone.

The affair hits a rough patch soon after when Sonia comes to know that she was being cheated by Arjun and she confronts him at a coffee shop. In the confusion that ensues, he loses his mobile phone there. Ansari gets it and even after repeated requests, he is reluctant to return the phone.

Obviously Arjun is petrified by the thought that the clip would make it to the Internet as a porn video. Now, the wait to get the phone back begins, which after a while becomes irritating for the viewer. Though there are some nice moments in between, Sameer Thahir disappoints in his maiden venture and his script with Unni R fails to evoke much of an effect. The result is that the story moves along without any aim or direction and things get from bad to worse as the film reaches its climax. The visuals by Jomon T John are good while Rex Vijayan’s music is fine in parts.

The trailer of Chappa Kurishu had lines blatantly copied from Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s 21 Grams. Portions of the film may have been inspired from the 2009 South Korean film Hand phone, directed by Kim Han Min and the pattern has been influenced by quite a few movies including Changing Lanes (which incidentally has been made in Bollywood as Taxi No.9211).

Vineeth Sreenivasan tries to have a demure look and has no real expression in his face while Fahadh Faasil maintains a single expression throughout the film. Ramya Nambeesan, in a sensuous avatar, often surprises you with her ‘wooden looks’. Or watch her in the scene where she learns about her boyfriend’s marriage plans from his driver. Roma is wasted in some inconsequential scenes while Niveda has nothing much to do.

There has been some surprises in Malayalam like Traffic, Melvilasam, Adaminte Makan Abu and Salt N’ Pepper that got released during recent months, which managed to shock everyone with its brilliance and honesty. Chappa Kurishu shocks the viewers for sure, but sadly for all the wrong reasons. Better luck next time, guys!

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