Chennai Kadhal


Banner:    V. Creations
Cast:    Bharath, Genelia, Radha Ravi
Direction:    Vikraman
Production:    Kalaipuli S. Thanu
Music:    Joshua Sridhar

Chennai Kadhal turns hot! Thanks Genelia!!
Aug 16, 2006
Hits are what stars are made of. Forget acting skills, looks and all other things that are considered to be essentials for an actor. All that is put on the backburner if one is able to deliver a hit.

That has what happened to Genelia known in Tamil as Harini. She was labeled as a non-starter after almost all of her first 5 movies bombed at the box office. Sye in Telugu was the only movie that was worth any mention. All other movies were absolute duds. In Tamil, in spite of working with some big banners and stars she has not yet landed a hit.
But the release of Bommarillu has changed it all. The movie is reportedly on it’s way to becoming a bumper grosser, and what more; the audience seems to be giving a big share of applause to the heroine.
It is quite an achievement in a hero-dominated industry. For the first time in her career, Genelia’s acting skills are being noticed. She has become an overnight star in Tollywood and can supposedly command a salary of nearly 60 lakhs for her next project. That is what is happening in Tollywood, but the ripples of this are being felt in Kollywood too.img180/3162/chennai0812062us4.jpg
Genelia is currently working on Chennai Kadhal, along with Boys co star Bharath and Vikraman. The producer of Chennai Kadhal has become alert about the newfound star status of Genelia in Andhra Pradesh and has thus decided to go ahead and release the Telugu dubbed version of the movie simultaneously with the Tamil release. The bonus being that Bharath and Vikraman are already popular faces in Tollywood.

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