‘Chingari’ – Darshan and Daisy teamed

The challenging star Darshan’s film ‘Chingari’ in Kanteerava studios and Sudeep’s ‘Production No.47’ went on the floors and this is perhaps the first time two contemporary actors films’ went on the floors on the same day. Darshan is teamed up with Daisy Shah a choreographer in the camp of Ganesh Acharya. Sudeep is with two heroines Priyamani and Bhavana in ‘Production No.47’.

Producer Mahadevu with Manu Gowda has taken up a big venture this time after a well made ‘Shishira’ not yielding good results in the box office for him.

Famous for choreography Harsha of two debacles ‘Geleya and Birugali’ is directing this film. He feels hard work has given him luck this time because of presence of box office hero Darshan. I have learnt from the mistakes of my earlier films. What I had thought before is not cinema direction admitted Harsha.

More than half of ‘Chingari’ will be shot in Italy and Switzerland. The remaining part of the shooting will be held in Bangalore he says. The action portions and talkie are planned abroad.

Darshan plays the role in ‘Chingari’ that is somewhat similar to the character what Aamir Khan did in ‘Rangeela’. He makes it clear that it is not a remake of ‘Rangeela’ but a well designed film he promises. Darshan has seen the works of Harsha very closely and appreciated his good work. This is a one line strong subject he assures.

Ravi Verma the good companion in Darshan starring films is planning a free run action scene and he hopes this film will be the best of his career so far. He alone is handling eight action scenes. HC Venu is using the super 35 mm camera for this film. This happens to be his first film with Darshan.

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