Cowboy Movie Review

poster of malayalam movie cowboy
Movie : Cowboy
Director : P Balachandrakumar
Cinematographer : Sanjeev Sankar
Cast : Asif Ali, Bala, Khushboo, Mythily

Director John Bandham’s Nick of Time is a thriller made in 1995, with Johnny Depp and Christopher Walken in the main cast. In the film, a poor youth is asked by some criminals to kill a politician, if he wants to save his daughter.

In Cowboy, debutant director P Balachandrakumar has shamelessly copied the film and worse still, has tried to make it into a thriller. It ends up as a painful comedy for the hapless viewers.

Vinay (Asif Ali) runs a pub in Kuala Lumpur, but everyone in his family, which includes his parents, sister and her husband, hates him. But his nephew, a young kid, loves him more than his parents and for Vinay too, he means the world.

On a fateful day, Vinay and the kid is on the way to the airport but after certain unprecedented happenings, a hunk named Xavier (Bala) and his confidante Lyla (Archana) kidnaps the two. To get the kid back, Vinay has to kill the Indian foreign minister Revathi Menon (Khushboo).

No one seems to have taken the whole story seriously here. With an amateurishly adapted storyline, irritating dialogues, bad performances and lack of dedication, the film turns out to be a disaster.

How did the director convince the cast and crew to be part of this pathetically plagiarized movie? Actors like Asif Ali, Bala and Mythily who have been proving that they have no real acting bones, should join some acting school. There is a new addition to the list of limited talents here in the form of the young kid who plays Asif’s nephew!

Cowboy is flawed in every department and there is nothing like an original thought in the making of this movie. Why waste time on this bad copy?

Verdict: Avoidable

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