Decision to marry Nayantara is irrevocable: Prabhudeva

Choreographer-turned-director Prabhudeva, who has been taken to Court by his wife Ramalat for his alleged flings with actress Nayantara, has reiterated in a categorical manner that his decision to marry Nayantara was an ‘irrevocable’ one and that nobody or anything can stand between his decision.

“I’m not going to change my stance for anything or for anyone; in fact, this is just the appropriate moment to get married to her,” reiterated Prabhudeva in a recent interview to an English daily. “For everything, there has to be an appropriate moment and I feel that this is just the right time to speak about this as we’re likely to get married in a month or two from now.

“We haven’t yet decided about the scale in which the marriage would be held: whether it would be a grand affair or a simple one. I’ll inform you as and when we decide about it. I’m not at all bothered about opposition to this marriage from ‘certain quarters’ and have decided to face all those challenges and problems in a legal manner.

“The marriage can’t be stopped by any individual’s intervention. I am thankful to my parents, who have always supported me and are showing understanding in this matter. For the present, I won’t like to comment on Ramalat’s moves in approaching the Court for redressing her grievances,” concludes Prabhudeva.

The last word on this issue hasn’t been said: that’s for sure.

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