: Tamil

: Jayam Ravi, Bhavana, Vaiyapuri, Vijayakumar, Lal, Raguvarnan

: S.Ezhil

: N.Linguswami

Deepavali is a love story starring Jayam Ravi and Bhavana. And with Jayam Ravi, action scenes are in plenty.

Billu (Jayam Ravi) is the son of Mudaliar (Vijaya Kumar) who owns fishing boats in the village. A much respected man, Mudaliar’s mission is to give refuge to all thugs who wish to turn over a new leaf.

When Susi (Bhavna) comes to their village on a holiday, it is love at first sight for Billu who picks her from the railway station. Susi’s father Chidambaram (Lal) is a dreaded don in Bangalore. His ruthless attitude and arrogant ways terrifies Susi.

Following an accident, three years ago, in which her mother died, Susi suffers from amnesia. Billu takes her for treatment to a doctor (Raghuvaran) in the village. All hell breaks loose when Billu tells her father about his love for her. Chidambaram and his goons beat him up well. Determined to bring her back Billu goes to Bangalore. But she fails to recognize him.                                                                             img256/2228/deepavali00aa6.jpg

His task now is to kindle memories of the past and convince her of their relationship

The movie has a fickle storyline that does not move beyond violence and gore. Ridiculously impossible is the fact when a badly wounded Billu goes to Bangalore and smashes the goons of Chidambaram.

Bhavna is a promising actress. Young and fresh, she glides through each scene with panache and effortlessly. However Jayam Ravi needs to work on the emotional scenes.
This is the first production of director Linguswamy who produces the film along with his brother Subhash Chandra Bose.

Ezhil better known for his film, ‘Thullatha Manamum thullam’ has disappointed with ‘Deepavali.’

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