Kannil Neer


Cast:    Chinni Jayanth, Riteesh, Manisha
Direction:    Chinni Jayanth
Music:    Suresh – Bobby

Chinni Jayanth has earned a reputation for his comical roles on silvers screen. But the actor has opted to go the opposite way in his directorial venture Kanal Neer. He has rendered a serious film that dwells on friendship. Besides wielding the megaphone, the veteran comedian has essayed the lead role in the movie and has come up trumps.

Though it is a beaten-to-bush story, Chinni Jayanth, with lesser known artistes around, has tried his best to come up with an engrosser.

J K Ritheesh, grand son of State Minister Subha Thangavelan, makes his debut in the movie. Playing Chinni’s friend, Ritheesh has donned a macho-man’s role in the movie. Newcomer Manisha plays the heroine.

The movie revolves around Pari (Chinni Jayanth), the only heir to a rich and influential zamindhar (Devan) in a village. His parents die in a mishap and he is take care by his greedy and evil uncle Durai Singam (Ambuli). With an ulterior motive to enjoy Pari’s wealth, Durai Singam ensures that Pari turns lunatic.

A mentally deranged Pari grows up with his friends Rajavel (Ritheesh) and Sakthi (Sarathjith). Rajavel and Sakthi take care of Pari and spend all their time with him. Sequence of events results in Durai Singam planning a conspiracy to get Pari married to Lakshmi (Manisha), a young girl living in the village, only to ensure that he continues to enjoy the wealth. The rest is how Lakshmi, Rajavelu and Sakthi join hands to cure Pari of his mental illness and teach Durai Singam a lesson.

Chinni Jayanth has played similar roles in his earlier films Kizhakku Vasal and Chinna Pulla. Having utilized the opportunity, Chinni has come up with right emotions. Ritheesh has made a good beginning. He is at ease in the stunt sequences.

Also in the cast includes Sathyapriya, Alex, Pandu, Suja and Scissor Manohar. Suresh and Bobby have come up with some hummable tunes.

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