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Cast:    Allu Arjun, Hansika Muthwal, Ali
Direction:    Puri Jagannadh
Production:    DVV Danayya
Music:    Chakri


Sensational director Puri Jagannath gave a super hit film like Pokiri last year, which rewrote the 75-year-old history of the Telugu cinema. Another film from such director will generally evoke lot of expectations. Moreover, Allu Arjun who had a track record of continuous hits is playing the hero. This had caused further hype to the film Desamuduru. All those expectations were proved true and the film received a super-hit talk right from the first show. The entire first half has Puri mark love story and is quite jovial, while the second half was totally devoted to action drama.

Bala Govindu (Allu Arjun) is a programme director in MAA TV. He is good at heart and has an excellent muscle power through which he used to save innocents whenever necessary. Basically, he is in crime division and as part of his duty he goes to Dhoolpet to shoot the illicit breweries. In the process, he saves one person (Raja Ravindra) from goons and bashes Murugan (Subbaraju) son of a notorious arrack smuggler Tambi Durai (Pradeep Rawat). To avoid revenge attack by Tambi Durai, the MAA TV crew send Bala goes to Kulu Manali to shoot a travel episode, where Bala meets Vaishali (Haansika), who was a sanyasin. Bala loses is heart right in his first sight and finally wins her love. The head sanyasin of the ashram Ramaprabha (Ramaprabha) unites both of them. By the time Bala wanted to take Vaishali to Hyderabad, some goons kidnap her. Bala returns to Hyderabad and finds that she is with Tambi Durai. The person, whom Bala saved in the beginning reveals the flashback that Vaishali is the daughter of Narayana Patwari. In order to grab his property, Tambi Durai kills him and his wife and perform the marriage of Vaishali with Murugan before their dead bodies. However, Vaishali escapes and reaches Kulu Manali. So, Bala decides to save Vaishali from their clutches and succeeds in his attempt finally.

Plus: The major plus point in the film is the excellent performance by Allu Arjun both in dances and in action scenes. He toned up his body to look like a macho-man. He flexed his muscles not only in action scenes but also looked manly even in song sequences. There are three solo songs, two duets and one item song. All the songs were choreographed excellently. There was a huge applause all through the film, especially during the dances and action scenes. He showed perfect rhythm in dance sequences and the tunes given by Chakri has good mass beat. It looks like the hero, director and the music director sat together to compose tunes as there was a lot of scope to dance in the songs and they were tuned in such a way. Haansika looked glamorous and gave a very fresh feel for the audiences. She also shook legs perfectly matching the hero. Comedy track run on Ali is another plus point. Likewise the comedy track of Kovai Sarala.img264/1549/333ho9.jpg

Minus:There are not much minus points. However, some need a mention. The entire first half was quite fast and the audiences get a feel of watching an excellent film because of the love track and due to the ‘who cares’ attitude of the hero. But the second half is a little let down. The director lost his grip for some time immediately after the interval bang. However, the climax was shot excellently. Though the action scenes in the first half are gripping, the action part in the second half looked little cinematic. Despite the best performance by the hero, a part of the film looked a little boring for a few minutes. At the same time, the director as usual failed to highlight the villainy of Pradeep Rawat despite a good hype in the first half.

Remarks: The film is worth watching for its songs and action scenes. The viewer could enjoy the songs and fights in the film. Though the hero tried his best to tone up his body and was able to show his fantastic muscles, Allu Arjun needs to give some more preference to the glamour also. Building the body is okay, but he should be a little more careful from getting fat and avoid looking bulky. As a whole, the film opened with a very good hit talk. Cinematography by Sam K Naidu is also okay. Rambha did an item song before the climax and looked very nice.

Cast: Allu Arjun, Haansika, Pradeep Rawat, Subbaraju, Jeeva, GV, Chandramohan, Ali, Venumadhav, Ahuti Prasad, Melkote, Raghubabu, Uttej, Satyam Rajesh, Srinivasa Reddy, Narsing Yadav, Sony Raj, Telangana Sakuntala, Ramaprabha, Kovai Sarala, Sudha, Hema and others.

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