Cast: Prabhas, Nayanatra
Direction: VV Vinayak
Production: Kadapa Mayor Ravindranath Reddy
Music: Ramana Gogula




Eeswar Prasad (Prabhas) is very much attached to his poor mother (Sarada) in Bethamcherla. Eeswar Prasad wants to earn money in Hyderabad so that he can make her life comfortable. He goes to Hyderabad against his mother?s will and does not return even after some months. He sends her mails regularly without mentioning his address. The worried mother goes to Hyderabad in search of her son. Meanwhile, Eeswar Prasad changes his name to Yogi and sets about controlling the goons of the city. The rest of the story is all about whether the son and mother meet or not!

Artists Performance

Prabhas: Prabhas has done a role of a son longing for his mother. His body language suits the characterization of the Yogi. His performance in the climax is noteworthy. He is good at doing action sequences.

Others: Nayana Tara is very good in the female lead. Sarada who does the pivotal role of the mother looks too old to be the mother of Prabhas. Kota plays his role with an immensely likable Telangana dialect. Rajan P Dev, Pradeep Rawat and Subbaraju are OK as villains. Venu Madhav?s comedy track is hilarious. Sunil dons a guest role that apes Aparichitudu. MS Narayana?s guest role as a doctor is very humorous. Mumaith Khan is extremely glamorous in the item song. Ali does an important role in the film.

Technical Departments:

Story: This film is a remake of Kannada?s all time record grosser Jogi. Interestingly the storyline of this film holds close resemblance to the story of Chatrapati (also done by Prabhas a couple of years back). The common threads in these films are the mother searching for the son and the son becoming the most dreaded mafia man in the city.

Screenplay – Direction: V V Vinayak sliced the flashback part and inserted it at different points. Direction of the film is adequate. V V Vinayak has his trademark mass elements and comedy sequences in the film that caters to the masses. He could able to bring sentiment feel for the film towards climax.

Other departments: Music by Ramana Gogulais good. The best song in this film turns out to be ?Oriro Yogi? item song that has pleasing sets, costumes and well-choreographed dances. The songs shot abroad are also good. Dialogues byimg504/7131/yogi1601071sm4.jpg Rajendra Kumar are OK. Cinematography by Sameer Reddy is good. Camera placements in certain action sequences of the film are notable; for example, placing the camera in the back of the rickshaw and then pulling it back. Editing of the film is adequate. Production values of the debutant banner Eeswari films are grand.

Analysis: First half of the film is adequate. Second half is OK. V V Vinayak places a dialogue about the middle class people through the Ali character. Likewise, V V Vinayak completely understood and mastered the commercial elements that please the masses (70% of revenue for a typical Telugu film is generated by masses). That is the reason why his films are successful irrespective of what the intelligentsia thinks about him. Yogi too has all the elements to become another entertainer for the masses. The success of the film depends on how the climax is received by the family crowds (especially women).

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