Dhaam Dhoom

It looks like Jeeva’s assistant Manikandan along with Harris Jayaraj has made Dhaam Dhoom as a sort of musical tribute to the late filmmaker. The film lacks a solid story, rambles all over between Russia and Tamilnadu, is disjointed, and has continuity problems with a very predictable lackluster ending.

The highlight of the movie is the music of Harris Jayaraj, shot in music video style by Manikandan in never seen before picturesque locations. The Anbae Anbae… song picturisation on Jayam Ravi and Kangana Ranut is awesome, in lush green Coorg.

Harris’s soft soothing melody is a tribute to his friend Jeeva and all the six songs are beautifully picturised keeping the Jeeva legacy alive. Hats off to Harris, even the background score enriches the movie.

Next is the camera of Jeeva (the scenes in Russia were taken by him before he died), which is eye catching, and also gives you a feel of the hero’s loneliness and the inhospitable terrain in cold and dreary conditions. Jayam Ravi as an action hero triumphs, largely due to the action director from Hollywood Chris Anderson.

The scene where the hero escapes from a police car, after an assassination attempt is made the way he climbs on top of buildings and the jump is spectacular. The climax fight with the Russian Mafia is taken in a fast paced manner.

A happy-go-lucky Dr. Gautham Subramaniyam (Jayam Ravi) while on a visit to his sister’s (Anu Hassan) house in a village falls in love with country lass Shenbagam (Kangana Ranut). Their marriage is fixed but Ravi is sent by the government to Russia for a medical conference.

In the airport, he bumps into Hanna a Russian model who is a carrier of drugs. The ruthless Russian Mafia lays a honey trap for Gautham and he is accused of killing Hanna. The local police arrest him with strong evidence and torture him.

A smart Tamil speaking lawyer Arathy (Lakshmi Rai) comes to his rescue, as the officer at the Indian Embassy Raghavan Nambiar (Jayaram) in not much of help. Meanwhile he escapes from police custody and is on the run with both the cops and mafia looking to gun him down. At the same time, back home in Pollachi Shenbagam is sure he will turn up on the day of their wedding.

It is an out and out Jayam Ravi movie, and he is simply amazing in his role as the man accused in a murder he did not commit. Kangana looks cute but lacks nativity especially in dhavani –pavada, Lakshmi Rai sans make-up is adequate for the role. Jayaram does not suit the bad guy role.

The biggest weakness of the film is its screenplay On the whole film lacks a tempo and the second half is far too drawn out. In the first 22 minutes of the film three songs pop out, making it look like a music video album. Anyway at best the film is a mindless time- pass.

Cast:    Jayam Ravi,Jayaram, Kangana Ranaut, Lakshmi Rai, Nizhalgal Ravi,
Janaki Sabesh, Anu Haasan, Chethan, Mahadevan, Bose, Srinath, Mariya
Direction:    Jeeva
Music:    Harris Jayaraj

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