Jayam Kondaan

R.Kannan, an understudy of Maniratnam makes his debut into direction with ‘Jayam Kondaan.’

Arjun (Vinay), a young man working in London returns to Chennai, following his father’s demise. With the Rs.60 lakhs saved in his father’s account, he hopes to set up a business along with his friends. However, he is shocked when at the bank he is told, that there is only Rs.15000 in the account.

A greater shock is in store for him when he comes to know that his father has been supporting a mistress and that he had a 20 year-old daughter, Brinda (Lekha Washington) from that relationship.

But there was a house in Madurai belonging to his father. He decides to go to Madurai to sell it and use the money for his business. Brinda is also interested in selling the house so that she can pursue her studies at MIT, USA. Consequently the two siblings are at each other’s throats.

At Maduari, Arjun meets his father’s friend who is residing in their house. His daughter, Poorani (Bhavna) is a basketball player. Arjun asks them to evict much to their displeasure. Just when the deal of the house is almost done, Brinda with help of Guna, a local gangster challenges the deal at the registrar office. An unfortunate incident there results in the death of Guna’s mistress. Guna now seeks Arjun’s life.

The film entertains. Despite the violence in some scenes, it leaves a message that things can be sorted out amicably and violence is not the answer. Arjun as a young ordinary man believes in this and avoids conflicts but that did not mean that he was afraid as was evident towards the end.

His responsibilities towards his family were his priority, he believed. The director has drawn out well the fondness that develops gradually between Arjun and Brinda.

Vinay, in his second film leaves you impressed. Bhavna is at her cute best. Her costumes bring out her beauty well. Lekha is ok. You hate Kishore as Guna and this underscores his ability as a villain.

There are lots of comedy moments, thanks to Vivek and Santhanam. Santhanam is showing promise in quite a many films of late.

‘Jayam Kondaan,’ may not be great, but a good effort on his debut by Kannan.

Banner:    Satya Jyothi Films
Cast:    Vinay, Bhavana, Lekha Washington, Vivek, Santhanam, Nizhalgal Ravi, Cochin Haneefa
Direction:    R Kannan
Production:    T G Thyagarajan
Music:    Vidyasagar

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