Dubai Seenu


Banner: Universal Media
Cast: Ravi Teja, Nayantara
Direction: Srinu Vytla
Production: Danaiah D.V.V.
Music: Manisharma


There are lot of specialties behind the team of Dubai Seenu. The film is coming from a banner which gave blockbuster like Desamuduru. The director of the film Sreenu Vaitla also had a hit in the recent past like Dhee. The hero of the film Ravi Teja’s combo with the director Venky was a big hit. Nayantara also gave a hit in Lakshmi recently. Hence the successful combination of all these four evoked lots of expectations and the film kept up the expectations with an above average, creating the talks of becoming a hit, right from the morning show. However, the film has good mass values and is attractive for youth.

Srinivas alias Dubai Seenu (Ravi Teja) has dreams of going to Dubai and earn lots of money. Like many gullible youth, he and his friends go to Mumbai and they are deceived by a fraudster (Venumadhav). With all the money got swindled, they can’t return to their place. Again, another fraudster Patnaik (Krishna Bhagawan) makes use of them and starts earning money with their help pretending that he is helping them to set up a Pav Bhaji centre. Seenu accidentally meets Madhumati (Nayantara) and loses his heart to her. In fact, Madhu comes to Mumbai in search of her brother. Seenu pretends to her that he is a software engineer. Once, he proposes his love to Madhu but Patnaik proves the true colours of Seenu and Madhu leaves in a huff. Meanwhile, Seenu meets his friend Chakri (JD Chakravarthy). In fact, Seenu helps Chakri who loves Puja (Neha) and got them married. Chakri and Puja promise Seenu to help him in sending to Dubai. They make all the arrangements. When they are about to return to Hyderabad, they find that their boss is none other than noted criminal and mafia don Jinna (Sushant). Realising that they have recognised him, Jinna and his brother (Raghu) kill both of them right in front of Seenu.img249/2193/dubaiseenu080607gn6.jpg Before dying, Chakri reveals that Madhu is his sister. Seenu returns to Hyderabad and repays the loan of Madhu’s father and relieves their house from mortgage. He avenges the killing of his best friend Chakri by killing Jinna and his brother.

Sreenu Vytla’s directorial abilities, Ravi Teja’s performance, Nayantara’s glamour, comedy by Sayaji Shinde, Venumadhav, Krishna Bhagawan and MS Narayana are the highlights of the film. The hero’s catchword ‘Appadam Ayipothundi’ has become very popular. The film has Ravi Teja’s marked comedy as well and he has perfectly maintained comedy time again. Music by Mani Sharma is good and their choreography is also nice. There are six songs — two are shot in the sets, two are canned in Mumbai, while one each is choreographed in Europe and Dubai. Camera work by Bharani K Dharan is also good. Especially in action scenes, the cinematography has been done with lots of variety. Dialogues by Chintapalli Ramana are okay. The satires on how the heroes these days involve in the director’s work and give suggestions are perfectly shot.

There are some scenes which are unnecessary and they could have been deleted. Editor Varma who makes debut through this film should learn more on how to chop unnecessary scenes. The first few shots to elevate the image of the villain are quite confusing, as it is difficult to know who is opposing whom and the rivalry between different groups of the villains. The killing of Raja Ravindra is also little confusing. Pruthvi’s character is also not established properly. CVL Narasimha Rao’s character is also ornamental. But for a few lapses, the film is good on an overall basis.
The film reminds the audience of the days of Venky, the film which came out from the combination of the hero and the director. As a whole, the film could attract the masses and youth and would run well in B and C centres but may not be that attractive to the family audiences. Sayaji Shinde plays the crooked police officer, who is after the heroine and has done a good comedy and with Raghubabu as his side kick helped in boosting the comedy. Bhanuchander and Sunil have done justice to their roles.

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