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Cast: Raja, Poonam Bajwa, Anu Mehta, K.Viswanath, Naresh, ‘Ahuthi’ Prasad, Sudha, M.S.Narayana
Direction: Jithender .Y
Production: Venkateswara Rao Ponnamaneni
Music: Anoop Rubens


Veduka – An emotions-filled love story
Bringing out a love story on the screen is not that hard and already several love stories had stormed the Telugu film industry. However, filling some emotions in the subject would give that film a new look. Director Jitender Y did the same for ‘Veduka’. The film has a very good tagline ‘Celebration of Love’.

The film unit of ‘Veduka’ gave it a real look of celebration wherein they stuffed the subject with good emotions. Though the hero has love towards the heroine, he did not want to express it to the heroine fearing that he would face the blame as the latter has no good opinion on it. The girl too could not express it as it might demoralise her in the eyes of the boy, fearing that he might feel bad for turning the friendship into love.

Moreover, the director was able to highlight the love not only between the hero and heroine, but also elevated several other kinds of love in an emotional way ‘ love between an owner andimg217/7670/vedukare04061cfw5.jpg a tenant, love between a mother and a daughter, father and son and also grandfather and granddaughter. Though the commercial values in the film are comparatively less, the film very neat and clean with no kind of obscenity in any part of the movie.

Harini (Poonam Bajwa) was a true synonym of the current generation youth. She has no fear from eve-teasers and instead she used make boys scapegoats by teasing them. Her her grandfather (K Viswanath) and mother (Sudha) also use to pamper her. On the other side of the coil Srikar (Raja) is a practical man. He believes in serving the people and establishes ‘Amma’ trust, where he serves destitute women with the help of his friends.

Srikar and his friends stay on the top floor of Harini’s grandfather on rent. Harini thinks that Srikar is trying to win her by impressing her mother. One fine day, Harini realises that he is not that kind of man and becomes a friend of Srikar and his group. After a few days both Srikar and Harini find that they were in love with each other but none dare to propose their love to the other.
However, Harini turns nervous when Srikar’s sister-in-law (maradalu) Amala @ Ammu (Anu Mehta) visits their house for a tennis tournament fearing that she is trying to lure Srikar. But, Harini becomes relax after coming to know that Ammu loves tennis and not Srikar, she befriends with her as well.

When Srikar’s father Prasad (Naresh) visits their house, Harini’s grandfather proposes an alliance. On his father’s advice, Srikar reveals his love to Harini but the latter slaps him. Confused at the situation, Srikar feels bad for a moment but soon he learns that Harini feared Subbu, whom she teased some time ago. Incidentally, Subbu is a friend of Srikar, to whom he taught lessons for two times earlier. So Srikar meets Subbu and teaches him another lesson. The film ends on a happy note with the union of Srikar and Harini.

The performance of all the artistes including the lead pair Raja and Poonam Bajwa is worth watching as none of them went either overboard or let down their roles. Though the film is a love story, the director experimented with the subject by giving some twists and in fact it was the emotions that were portrayed well on the screen.

Jitender ably extracted the acting abilities from all the artistes.

Poonam Bajwa looked bubbly and chirpy in the beginning as a girl at the next door role.

The person who played villain also showed good ease. The comedy track with Srinivasa Reddy, Sudarshan, Sakuntala, Jeeva, LB Sriram and Dharmavarapu is unnecessary and they failed to evoke any comedy.
Bharani K Dharani captured the beauties of the foreign locales well in his camera. Choreography of songs was also good.

However, the movement of the film is very slow Editing should have been a little sharper. Dialogues by VSP Tenneti are just okay.

The mannerism of villain, who used to say, ‘Subbu, Subbarao Tamballa’ was quite catchy. Though not very interesting, it is a time pass film.img217/7852/vevx3.jpg

Cast: Raja, Poonam Bajwa and Anu Mehta, K Viswanath, Sudha, Naresh, Satyam Rajesh, Srinivasa Reddy, Dhamavarapu Subrahmanyam, LB Sriram, Gundu Sudarshan, Telangana Sakuntala, Jeeva, Melkote, MS Narayana, Ahuti Prasad and others

Credits: Dialogues ‘ VSP Tenneti, Lyrics ‘ Chandrabose, Veturi, Music ‘ Anoop Rubens, Camera ‘ Bharani K Dharani and A Raju, Editing ‘ Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao, Action ‘ Ram-Lakshman, Story ‘ Akshaya Films Unit, Producer ‘ Venkateswara Rao Ponnamaneni, Screenplay and direction ‘ Jitender Y

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