Endhiran Version 3.0

Yeah we know, Chitty, the Robo can speak any language but what is news is ‘Endhiran’ will be dubbed in English!
Not just being dubbed in English, Endhiran’s Indian versions – Tamil, Telugu, Hindi along with the new English version will have added 3D Video footage! After being the talk of the mouth in almost every part of the world, the producers Sun Pictures, are contemplating to cashing on the rage by dubbing the movie in English and also include 7 Minutes of 3D footage that was originally not included in the movie.

There were gossips that ‘Endhiran’ would have a few scenes made in 3D but camera man Rathnavel informed that the 3D version wasn’t really a viable option as it was time consuming as well as a burden to few theatre owners because they would have to install 3D screens.

Well looks like the English version is sure to happen along with the 3D footage. Off late the 3D trend is on an upswing in Hollywood and Indian cinema is not behind! And Superstar Rajinikanth will have an increased fan base after the English release!

This is what we call ‘Endhiran Version 3.0’!

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