Eno Onthara postponed

The unexpected postponement of the Ganesh-Priyamani starrer Eno Onthara is a huge disappointment for the fans who were eagerly waiting to watch their favourite hero on screen during the Gowri-Ganesha festival.
The film encountered problems because of a court case filed by producer-financier R.S.Gowda who had financed around Rs. 40 lacs for the film before its release. Since the film’s producer had not sold the film to any distributors, Gowda went to court to bring in a stay order for the release of the film.

Though the negative holder Niranjan had called Gowda for talks, he was not ready for any negotiations and wanted his money back with interest. Since Gowda had already obtained a stay order, the film had to be postponed.

M.Chandrashekhar, producer of Eno Onthara had called a press meet on Friday afternoon to announce the reasons for the postponement. Ganesh is now in Bangkok shooting for his forthcoming film Maduve Mane.

The postponement of Eno Onthara has helped another delayed release Jothegaara , by Ashwini Prasad to get hold of some more theatres. Prem and Ramya play the lead roles. It had to face two postponements because of the problems relating to settling its dues with the IDBI Bank which had financed its product.

Another film which was released on Thursday is Nanjangud Nanjunda starring Ravishankar and Hamsini directed by Sreenivasa Prasad. This film is a remake of Tamil film Dindigal Sarathy has opened to a lukewarm response on Thursday because of the pre-festival cold fever.

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