Film title is ‘Suhasini’

Veteran director of 50 films, B Ramamurthy has picked the name of ‘Suhasini’ for his next film. Obviously the name is of high value in South India. Suhasini Manirathnam is familiar even in Kannada cinema too. ‘Suhasini’ was a popular television serial sometime ago.

Now Pooja Gandhi plays the title role of ‘Suhasini’, a film about a daring lady who grows up and makes others to grow from her determination, is being launched next month.

Apparently actress Suhasini Manirathnam role in the film ‘Benkiyalli Araladha Hoovu’ had similar subject when it was made two decades ago. ‘Benkiyalli Aralidha Hoovu’ was released in the year 1983 directed by K Balachander for Sri Kalalaya Films starred Ramakrishna, Kamal Hassan, Suhasini, Rajiv, Vijayalakshmi Singh, Jai Jagdish, Pavithra, Sunderraj, Leelavathi and others.

“I have made a different script for ‘Suhasini’”, says B Ramamurthy. He has releases like ‘Hey Sararu’ ‘Nee Raani Naa Manarani’ and ‘FM Rainbow’

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