Director: G Ram Prasad
Producer: Mohan Babu
Cast: Mohan Babu, Vishnuvardhan , Parvathi Melton,Shobana
Music: Joshua Sridhar
Lyrics: Bhuvana Chandra, Ramjogayya Sastry


‘Game’ is a remake of Hindi hit film, ‘Taxi No.9211’ starring Nana Patekar and John Abraham. The story is novel to the Telugu films. But the proceedings and the narration have lacked the ‘originality and innovativeness’ the Hindi film had. While Mohan Babu who is known for his dialogue delivery has tried to imitate Nantapatekar, while Vishnu does the role of John Abraham. Although, director Ram Prasad has tried to remain faithful to the Hindi film, Game lacks the ‘punch dialogues’ and the chemistry between Mohan Babu and Vishnu is not that effective. Yet, the film works to some extent because of its story content.
Pandit Veera Raghava (Mohan Babu) is short-tempered man. His impatient nature costs him lose of jobs. He poses as LIC agent to his wife but actually he drives a taxi. An encounter with Raj (Vishnu), an heir to a business empire and womanised, changes his life. As he is leaving for court to claim his assets, Raj takes Raghava’s cab to the court. On the drive, an accident happens. And then the film takes complete U-turn. Raghava has something that Raj desperately needs and Raghava is in no mood to return it. What follows is a cat and mouse ‘game’.

Although the father and son duo have tried hard to re-create the magic of original, they have not succeeded much.Dialogues and handling of the scenes are better, the film could have been a decent film.But for normal audiences, it may seem okay film. And better than the recent Mohan Babu’s recent duds. Film music was rendered by Joshwa and it is good .

The role of short-tempered guy has suited very well to Mohan Babu,he is in his own style. Vishnu is okay. Parvathi Melton of Vennela fame is very glamorous and she plays negative role in the film. Senior actress Shobana justifies her role as a housewife. Shriya makes guest appearance in the end. Sunil comedy is adder for the film.

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