Valliddari Vayasu Padahare


Cast: Tarun Chandra, Devaki, Saketh, Srilekha, Raghuvaran, Suhasini
Direction: Bhanu Shankar
Production: M Kumara Swamy


A Teenage Love Story which is both Bold and Evocative.
The film ‘Valliddari Vayasu Padahare’, which in has been in the making for over two and half years, finally sees the light of the day. It is a story about a boy and girl falling in love at sweet and tender age of sixteen. The moment their parents come to know about it, as it is customary penchant with every parent, they make a big issue out of it.
‘Valliddari Vayasu Padahare’, is a breezy love story, which blooms at just the right time and the high point of the film is the bold message in the climax, that has never been depicted on the big screen before.
A cool and happy-go-lucky teenager Vamsee (Tarun Chandra) sees a plucky girl Puja (Devaki), dancing away to glory in the windy environment of Vizag. He is all keyed up and expresses his love to the girl. Puja is a girl in a hurry, who responds with amazing enthusiasm. After a small number of songs and dance routine, it is time for them to tell their parents about their saccharine love. In the intervening period, (Which includes a passionate French kiss right in the middle of the road) the teen couple land up in a jail. The parents of Vamsee (Raghuvaran and Jayasudha) and Puja (Suhasini and Chandramohan) are woken from the intense sleep they are in with a thunderous thud. Suddenly, everything goes haywire for the twosome the parents want them to earn first and then start thinking about love later.
Left with no other option, the juveniles almost kill themselves. Their friends, who have laid a trampoline, save them in nick of time. It is time for them to fight the system and their parents to get married at the register office.img391/9595/vayasu2407061fl4.jpg
The twists and turns in the story come in rapid cycle, even as Jayasudha who plays the role of a mother with composure turns the story on its head and sends out a strong message that shakes the system to the hilt.
The film comes two and half years after its completion, due to delay in finishing the post-production works. The debutants Tarun and Devaki make an unforgettable impression. The power packed performances of seasoned veterans Jayasudha, Suhasini, Raghuvaran and Chandramohan stand out as four cornerstones for the film. The presence of scriptwriter Posani Krishnavamsi and veteran director K.Vishwanath lends credence to the film. Venu Madhav and Shakuntala provide the necessary comic relief. The dialogues of Marudhuri Raja are arresting and impressive. The music of Kalyani Mallik is in tune with the nature of the film. Director Bhanushankar makes sure to that the film is a nice family entertainer with parental supervision.

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