Good Boy Bad Boy


Banner:Mukta Arts LtdCast:Emraan Hashmi,Tusshar Kapoor,Isha Sharwani,Tanushree Datta Direction:Ashwini ChaudharyProduction:Subhash GhaiMusic:Himesh Reshammiya

Good girl meets bad boy and bad girl meets good boy only later to realise that good girl (Isha Sharwani) wants bad boy to become good, and bad girl (Tanushree Dutta) wants good boy to turn bad. In short, good deeds by the filmmaker turns into a bad bargain for its viewers. That’s Good boy (Rajan Malhotra played by Tusshar) and Bad boy (Raju Malhotra aka Emraan Hashmi) for you. In predictable Bollywood ishtyle Rajan Malhotra is a typical bookworm with hair soaked in chameli ka oil , while Raju Malhotra lives up to his typical Emraan Hashmi image, minus the smooches. And amidst all this is the college principal Agasthy (Paresh Rawal) who not only divides the entire college into sections for ‘The good’ and ‘The bad’, but has is own little exams to distinguish the good from the bad — the ‘Goods’ can solve PC-related problems or answer queries pertaining to ‘Karl Max’ and the ‘Bads’ are those who can tell you how to send an MMS. All this and more till the two heroes take it up to prove themselves good and win the hearts of their respective lady love. First Tusshar changes his lady love to good. How? He teaches her the difference between a laboratory and a library. Now don’t go by her city looks! She, on the other hand, teaches him a couple for pelvic thrusts for the must-win inter-college competition, preceded by a makeover comprising spiked hair. img292/2731/gbbblt2.jpg

And then Emraan Hashmi wins an inter-college quiz competition and wins hearts of one and all not just for translating excerpts of the National Anthem, but choosing to do the same by standing on his feet as a token of honour. This preceded by late night padhai over glasses of garam doodh. And in the end it’s a bad world turned into a good place. Not to miss out to the bad script, bad double meaning dialogues of Emraan Hashmi who claims that main leta hoon and deta hoon and some poor performances too!


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