Spiderman 3


Now this is what you call as BIG….and definitely better!

Leave aside the talks of Spiderman fighting his inner demons, battle between right and wrong, misunderstandings between lovers etc. etc. The fact remains that the latest version of Spiderman franchise entertains, enthralls, sets the adrenalin running and makes you gasp for breath in almost each of its nail biting ‘Spidey’ moments!

Call it a dig on the media and paparazzi but Spiderman is shown to be fully enjoying the proceedings around him. So much so that he is willing to put up a stunt to keep his fans, media and the freelancers who want their bit of an exclusive from the ‘Star’! He jumps around, kisses a girl who could be his secret fantasy in the college, gives exclusive poses (with a smile underneath his mask)….all in full public view.

Now that’s not something which is taken too lightly by his steady girlfriend MJ [Kirsten Dunst]. And what you see is a ‘pyaar-mein-takraara’, complete Bollywood ishtyle, as MJ finds herself on the crossroads where she is seeing a steady success of her guy and her own failure to be a Broadway star. ‘Abhimaan’ anyone?

But hey, this is not all as there is a little bit of ‘Sangam’ here as well? Spiderman has all the right reasons to croon ‘dost dost naa raha’ as his best friend Harry [James Franco], looking to avenge his dad’s killing, has MJ coming straight to his arms. Well, at least he his man enough to call Peter Parker [Tobey Maguire] to a coffee shop, inform him that he is ‘the other man’ and then wink to put a final nail in the coffin!img241/7781/spider4pw8.jpg

This is the moment that was required to make Spiderman go wayward! He lets the creepy-black-unexplained-mercury-like-solution dominate his body, soul and heart, don a black suit instead of traditional red, have anger in his mind all the time, and roam around the town. No, he still doesn’t do harm to anyone good, but for personal vendetta lets himself loose….and even become overtly careless and carefree!

Did someone say the film became dark at this point of time? Naah! Because the word fun takes a different route now! Peter walks like a dancer on the streets, flirts with everything in the skirt that comes his way and impresses his new found crush-turned-girlfriend with a nice little jig in a restaurant [poor MJ, she is working in the same place as a waitress/singer].

Still, there is some goodness still left in him. His conscious tells him that was doing wrong, his grandma reminds him that he was a good boy and heck, looking at his strange behavior, even his Russian landlord also exclaims in disbelief – “But he is a good boy!”

Peter fights it out to win against his evil side. But there are too many external evil forces around to create additional problems for him. There is this ‘Pran’ like character Sandman [Thomas Haden Church] who had allegedly killed Peter’s grandfather since he was desperate for some cash for the treatment of his ill daughter [Doesn’t it remind of last week’s release TRRP?] .img150/6057/kirstendunst08ln2.jpg

He says, ‘Main Majboor Tha’, but then on the run he finds himself in the middle of a molecular activity that makes his body turn into sand. He cannot be killed or caught, and he can take any shape provided there is ton load of sand around. He finds some in the film’s climax and pronto, he gives King Kong some challenge right away.

Meanwhile Spiderman gets rid of the creepy-black-unexplained-mercury-like-solution only to find it transferring into a freelancer reporter who had his own professional score to settle with him. He turns into a monster and paints the town ‘black’ with his deeds!

‘Spiderman ek, villain teen [Sandman, Harry, the freelancer] – bahaut na-insaafi hai!’ Will Spiderman succumb to so much of evil power around him? This is what ‘Breaking News’ news channels claim once they find him down and almost out as the ‘war’ is getting covered LIVE across the globe!

The film’s strength lies in its definite storyline and strong script. So even if Spidey is not dangling round the buildings (there is less of that this time around, and one doesn’t mind it at all), there is so much happening around to keep the viewer hooked on to the screen.

So here we have Spidey having his intimate moments atop a huge spider-web with his girl, getting some lessons of being a “perfect man” from his grandma (Raymonds listening?), trying to make his best friend understand yet again that it wasn’t him who killed his father and a lot more!img150/9369/spid32uy9.gif

And guess what, the ‘lot more’ part is the one which brings in the most excitement! This is because after getting all the powers, Spiderman now starts exploring the vulnerable side to him as well. Spoilt (well, not exactly, but still a little) by his popularity across the city of , he publicly acknowledges the fact that he is loving all the attention.

If the studio proclaims that this installment is the costliest film ever made, let’s believe it. That’s because it’s just not about Spiderman. It’s a lot more with elements of ‘Matrix’, ‘Mummy’, ‘King Kong’ and a lot more – all rolled into one! Special effects belong to the never-seen-before variety while the action is breathtaking, to say the least.

Tobey Maguire is good overall and excellent when, especially in the second half, when he shows his lighter side by walking/dancing on the streets of . Kirsten is forever wailing and seriously, even in Hindi films, something like that would have been intolerable. Her looks are plain Jane, agreed, but then can we have something better to watch in the next installment. James is extremely likeable as a college boy next door and one wishes he is seen more in some light hearted comedies. Thomas is required to carry one expression and he does well in that.img150/9101/sm05053ly1.jpg

If one had to summarize the film in Bollywood parlay, it would be apt to say – “Isme action bhi hai, emotion bhi hai, drama bhi hai, message bhi hai aur naach-gaana bhi hai!”


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