Harris Jayaraj says 7am Arivu audio in July!

At a time when there is no clear indication when audios of Mankatha and Velayudham are being launched, Harris Jayaraj has thrown a googly.
Harris tweeted- “7am Arivu will be launched by end of this month”.
This has created more suspense and anxiety in the audio world. Please note Ajith’s Mankatha, Vijay’s Velayudham and Suriya’s 7am Arivu audio are being released by the market leader Sony Music.

Earlier there were reports that Mankatha audio will release on July 18 and Velayudham on July 21. But producers of both these films are silent about the launch date. Now with 7am Arivu joining the fray it will create chaos in the audio market.

An audio dealer said: “We can’t have three big ticket audios coming out from the same company within a span of a fortnight.

All three films Mankatha, Velayudham and 7am Arivu have superstars, and if their audios hit the market around the same time, it will eat into each others business and create unhealthy competition.”

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