Hrithik staying off Mumbai this Diwali

Actor Hrithik Roshan has decided to celebrate this Diwali with family out of Mumbai to avoid cracker pollution, fretting bronchial problem of his son.
“Diwali I am celebrating hopefully not in Bombay because I have problem with the pollution and my son has a bronchial problem,” said Hrithik.

The actor who played a paraplegic patient in director Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s forthcoming film Guzaarish has off late realised that cracker fumes are unhealthy and wishes Diwali was celebrated without polluting the atmosphere.

“I hope there was a better way to celebrate Diwali, without polluting the atmosphere. I used to rejoice and buy crackers of Rs.10,000, but now I realise that this is not the best thing to do. It’s dangerous and bad for health,” said Hrithik.

Asked if he has planned to flee abroad, he said: “No, no, to places close by. Maybe to places like Panvel or Lonavala.”

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