Huduga Hudugi: A breezy entertainer

Huduga Hudugi is one of the few Kannada films that created a buzz and curiosity among cine buffs in Gandhinagar. The movie, like Indrajit’s earlier projects including films like Thuntaata, Monalisa and Ishwarya, addresses the youth, especially college students and multiplex audience.

Huduga Hudugi has all the ingredients apart from a strong script and a crisp screenplay. There is no dearth of glamour as well. The director is too generous to have Russian dancers adding glitz to it.

Glamorous girls Ileana and Sada appear in a few scenes and disappear without a trace. Sanjana’s role has been confined to asking one question.

Biyanka Desai once again makes a guest appearance in an item song in this film. Earlier, she made guest appearance with an item song in Sudeep-Ramya starred film Kichcha Huchcha.

The film is all about Sachin (Dhyan), a TV anchor, who provides tips to boys on how to be cautious with girls. He even provides valuable tips to primary school children.

Sonia (Lekha Washington) is a TV anchor, who loses her job due to an unsavoury incident at a cooking competition programme where a judge eats three dosas prepared by the competitors and rushes towards the toilet.

Circumstances compel Sonia to work with Sachin. Initially, she mistakes Sachin but later starts admiring his garrulous nature.

Meanwhile, Sonia’s mother asks her to marry Rakesh Deshpande, the son of a business magnate. She comes to know how Maya (Sada) has cheated Sachin after availing his help. Finally, she decides that Sachin is the right choice for her to lead a happy married life.

Sharan’s comedy is not up to the mark. It is not clear what made the director select Rangaayana Raghu to imitate late Shankar Nag. The director has not even spared journalists and TV channels including the CEO of a particular channel.

Perhaps, his intention was to make the audience giggle. The USP of this film is glamorous heroines and eyepleasing cinematography.

Finally, Indrajit has proved that he too can act in films by shaking his leg along with lanky Russian beauties.

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