I feel shy talking to a girl: Ranbir

He might have admitted to saving his girlfriends’ name as LOW BATTERY in Karan Johar’s show, Koffee with Karan, but Ranbir Kapoor, who was one of the speakers at Hindustan Times Leadership Summit along with his father Rishi Kapoor, says he’s too shy and introvert to strike a conversation with an unknown girl.

“I’m introvert. That’s my personality. I don’t want to be a centre of attention, but if people like your personality, they make you centre of attention. In fact, I feel shy talking to an unknown girl.”

But the actor doesn’t mind getting all the attention from girls who swoon over the Kapoor dude. When quizzed about the babe factor in his life, Ranbir is quick to say, “Babe factor is always good. I don’t get embarrassed by attention, though I’m an introvert.”

The actor doesn’t mind link-up rumours until they affect his work. He says, “I’m 28, and I’ve a life also. I’m unmarried, so am being made a bakra by everyone. If I meet a glamorous girl, people write about it. I am not perturbed by link-up rumours, but I mind it when it overshadows by work. Otherwise, I take all the gossip with a pinch of salt.”

But as far as Ranbir’s career was concerned, he was not heartbroken when his first film Saawariya, despite much hype, flopped.

“Saawariya was the first step towards what I wanted to do in my career, my life. I don’t get affected by success or failure in life.”

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