Nagababu’s attempt to control piracy

Ram Charan Teja’s Orange is just few days away from its release and it has already created a lot of buzz in the state with its chic banners and trailers. Now the producer of the film, K Nagababu is rumoured to be taking special measures to prevent the film getting pirated. It seems that he’s been having lengthy discussions with producer Allu Aravind and few others regarding this problem.

Nagababu has decided to invest Rs 35 lakhs in an attempt to control piracy. As per the sources information, few retired police officials are being hired to form several special teams, one per district, to eradicate the piracy. The government of AP has also formed a committee against piracy. The team includes Home Minister Sabita Indira Reddy, Minister of Cinematography and FDC Geetha Reddy, and Mopidevi Venkataramana. With all these necessary measures, let’s hope the piracy problem is finally eradicated.

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