‘Jackie’ set for new records!

With magnificent business for home production of Dr Rajkumar family film ‘Jackie’ (launched under Sri Poornima Enterprises) that is one and half times more than Rs.8.5 crore business done by Puneeth Rajakumar’s previous film ‘Prithvi’ (starring Parvathi Menon in the lead) this another Mallu girl Bhavana in the lead ‘Jackie’ created furors from the song ‘Yakka Raja Rani Nanna Kaiolage…’ because it was leaked in the internet media and secondly the objectionable wordings in the songs alerted the family of Dr Rajakumar.

With already popular song among the film music lovers in Karnataka and elsewhere a solid decision was taken to change the whole lyrics by producer Raghavendra Rajkumar. Accordingly Shiva Antha Hoguthddhe Rodinalli…..lyrics is replaced to the earlier lyric.

As all the songs are written by well known director Yogaraj Bhat for his best friend director Soori film ‘Jackie’ the first line of Yakka Raja Rani is maintained for another circumstance of the film but again the earlier wordings will not be there says Anand Audio Mohan speaking to IndiaGlitz correspondent.

“We have done hectic job for the release of ‘Jackie’ on 20th of this month on the Varamahalakshmi Day evening at Le Meridian and also paid very good price as rights amount that is around Rs.40 lakhs. In the first bunch we are releasing only 15000 audio CD and pricing at Rs.50”, says Mohan.

There are five songs in this album of ‘Jackie’. Anand Audio Mohan agrees that the controversial song he heard was there on the song recording muhurth day. That was sung by Tippu. “It is not there in the audio CD”, he says firmly. “How the song got leaked in the internet media”, he points to music director V Harikrishna. “He is the better person to inform”, Anand audio Mohan prefers not to be in controversy.

Apparently this is the sixth Puneeth Rajakumar’s film audio, Anand Audio is releasing – Mourya, Milana, Bindhaas, Vamshi and now ‘Jackie’.

‘Jackie’ team has come back from Rome, Italy, Austria, South Africa storing the songs featuring Puneeth Rajakumar and Bhavana. Harsha, Imran and Ganesh have done the choreography. Sumithra, Rangayana Raghu, Honnavalli Krishna, Ravi Kaale, Satyajith, Shobaraj, Raju Thalikote, Bullet Prakash, Sampath, Umesh, Ravikiran, Siddaraju, Harshika, Nisha, Nai Chandru, Petrol Prasanna, Sushma, Biradar are in the supporting cast.

Sathya Hegde is the cameraman of ‘Jackie’.

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