Jackie song leaked?

The pirated song of Jackie starring Puneet Raj Kumar and Bhavana is making rounds all around the state. The pirated song which is only a rough track has been sent as mails and messages to many Kannada film enthusiasts through the internet.
Though this unlawful act has provided some indication about the tunes and lyrics of the song `Yekka Raja` written by director Yogaraj Bhat and composed by music director Hari Krishna, a close study of the song reveals that it is an unfinished composition. But it has not done any harm yet as there is a big competition to obtain the audio rights of the film.

Jackie film producer Raghavendra Raj Kumar has not yet sold the audio rights of the film so far. However, the leaking of the audio has created some anxiety to the Kannada film industry which is already feeling the heat of the audio and video piracy.

Raghavendra Raj Kumar who has been making preparations for the big audio release of the film on the Varamahalakshmi festival day is also unhappy that pirates have a free run in loading this unfinished song which does not stand for any quality. “An earnest request, please don’t try to download or listen to the song `Yekka Raja` from the movie Jackie. It’s been illegally uploaded. It’s a rough track, the music, the voice is totally different from the original, please wait till Aug 20 for the audio release. Hope you (will) support me and inform everyone, thanks” posted Raghavendra Raj Kumar on his Face Book.

Soon thousands of fans of Puneet expressed their support.One fan wrote that he will buy the audio on day one and has sent messages to his friends to erase the song. Another fan wrote, “all the luck for Jackie. We must stop buying pirated copies of songs/ movies”.

This assurance has enthused Raghavendra Raj Kumar who replied to it: “There are 5 songs in the movie and it will b released on 20 th of Aug for Varamahalakshmi Habba. We have done our best, God will do the rest. Thank you everybody, (I)am ever greatful to all of you”.

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