Ganda Hendath


Cast:    Thilak ,Vishal Hegde, Manju Bashini, Chanchali,Ravi Belegere
Direction:    Ravi Srivatsa
Production:    Shailendra Babu
Music:    Gurukiran



Producer Shylendra Babu and Director Ravi Srivatsa who have proven capabilities in their respective fields had no pretensions when they combined to make ”Ganda Hendathi” which was the remake of Mahesh Bhatt’s Hindi Hit ”Murder’.

Ravi Srivathsa and the script writers of the film have derived some support from Hollywood flick ”Unfaithful” also. But unfortunately the film lacks sincerity and substance required for making films like ”Unfaithful” and ends up only a titillating and provocative film which will be certainly dispelled by the family audience.

Only some youngsters looking for titillation may like a few sequences of the film which has some overdose of sex and skin show. After seeing this film, you will certainly wonder as to how the Censors have allowed some sequences of cheap vulgarity and dialogues which denigrate the institution of marriage in the film despite its ”A” Certificate.

The whole film drags and a few titillating sequences in the film which have more footage may even drive the family audience from the theatres. Director Ravi Srivatsa has also taken a risk by following the dialogue delivery method ofimg508/7343/ganga0106061zs8.jpg ”Murder” which does not go well with the mood of the film. The dialogues written by Ramesh are too lengthy and fail to convey anything. The whole film lacks the momentum from the first sequence.

After seeing a film like ”Ganda Hendathi”, the audience will be made to wonder whether a tradition bound Kannada film industry needs such remake films. Even the original Hindi film ”Murder” made news and achieved a measure of box office success mainly because of Mallika Shewat’s uninhibited skin show and her off screen bold statements as was demonstrated in the Television interviews.

New comer Sanjana who has already acted in a Tamil film and was seen in some bit roles in Kannada films has shown a degree of boldness in accepting the lead role in the film. Many well known heroines were reported to have rejected the film. If she had thought that her bare and dare act which border vulgarity as shown in this film might take her to stardom, she may well have to learn her lessons very fast.

She should have worked hard in emotional sequences where she utterly fails to deliver. Vishal has done his best in two sequences which have given him some leverage and delivers good performance. A talented actress like Manju Bhashini is completely wasted. Journalist and TV personality Ravi Belagere gets good prominence in the film with some good buildups, but still his dialogue delivery is the only thing that is impressive in the film.

All the songs of the film have been lifted from ”Murder” img508/5174/ganda1sh1.jpgwhich had some very good songs. Guru Kiran provides background music for the film which is just average. The camera work is however of good quality.

You will not miss anything if ”Ganda Hendathi” is avoided, and it will be better to watch ”Unfaithful” which is a better alternative.

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