Janapriyan movie review

Movie : Janapriyan
Director : Boban Samuel
Cast : Jayasurya, Manoj K Jayan, Bhama, Sarayu

In debutant director Boban Samuel’s, Janapriyan, there is a character who has written a silly script and gives nightmares to a producer, pestering with the request to help him make the film.

Don’t blame the viewers if they have the same kind of feeling about this film’s script as well, after watching this eminently ordinary comedy.

Priyadarsan (Jayasurya) hails from a remote village and joins a government office, as a temporary clerk, in place of Vysakhan (Manoj K Jayan). Priyan soon becomes really popular in his office, especially since everyone around was really unhappy about the lazy habits of Vysakhan, who wanted to become a film director and never really cared about the pending files on his table.

Priyadarsan talks a lot that too in a peculiar slang, is highly idealistic and falls in love with Meera (Bhama), who lives next to his room in a lodge where he is staying in the city. He loves her as he thinks that Meera is the maid there, but actually she is the daughter of a wealthy businessman.

There is a confusion drama happening with Vysakhan falling for Revathy (Sarayu), who is actually from a poor household. The problem with Krishna Poojappura’s script is that it is way too simple and highly melodramatic. The scenes have just been stitched together in an unimpressive way and at best, it looks like a TV serial on screen.

The film is too old fashioned and has been made in a style which was in vogue some 20 years back. Pradeep Nair’s camera and Gautham’s songs are just about fine.

Jayasurya plays his character pretty loud with his contrived style of dialogue delivery and mannerisms. Manoj K Jayan has just sleepwalked through his role without much interest. Both Bhama and Sarayu have a single expression glued to their faces throughout the film. The rest of the cast has nothing much to do.

If you love those puerile and mostly disgusting comedy programmes or serials that are virtually there in every TV channel, Janapriyan may turn out to be a watchable fare. With no imagination or originality added to the scenes or characters, the makers have approached this one in an agonizingly casual manner. Now you can decide if this film is worth your time.

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