‘Jilla’ Promo Songs

Three bonus tracks from Imman with the release of jilla audio confirmed on dec 21st. Imman has released 3 bits off teaser from his musical parody. The Songs are


A melodious duet kind of song that will breeze you through the strains, a possible pair song that is filmed abroad and tailor made for Vijay. Imman’s signature is all over this song and boy love is in the air!


A full and out of the box folk number, the ones that took Imman’s music world out in the sky kind. A neat and peppy number sure to make the FM’s go gaga over the tune and pace. Once again Imman has made us wait for the full version.


A ravishing stylish theme with a lot of electronics and bass, unlikely for Imman but strikes the right chords for Vijay’s fans. The theme is swift and shoots of with hardcore chorus before breaking into the recursive Jilla Jilla and the fame that follows!

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