’Jothegara’ gets going strong!

’Jothegara’ starring Premkumar and beautiful Ramya in the lead even after coming out late has been very attractive in the box office for Ashwini Ramprasad. The box office has good returns in the first week and it is steady in the second week for the producers of ‘Jothegara’. The first week gross collection of Rs.1.5 crores all over Karnataka is continuing in the second week inform Ramprasad.

With one super hit ‘Jogi’ and one major debacle ‘Preethi Eke Bhoomi Melidhe’, Ashwini Productions is coming back to the route of success because it is distributing the film in a systematic way all over Karnataka.

”The television rights has fetched Rs.81 lakhs long ago”, says Ashwini Ramprasad but the audio business has come down he firmly says. Ramprasad thanked the media first for able support, “this has in fact made us to get the collection good”, he admits.

Lovely star Premkumar expressed that he was in tension and at the same time happy for the release of ‘Jothegara’. It is after one year his film got released, that was happiness and second how it would be taken by the audience was his tension. In Mysore and Mandya he has got tremendous response. The massive crowd even tore his shirt and in Mandya he was taken in a procession. Prem fans in Gulbarga organized the motorbike rally.

Well known dialogue writer Nanjunda thanked the producer for keeping confidence in the subject first and selecting the subject than the stars for the film. Cinema is also writer’s media says Nanjunda. The film ‘Jothegara’ has been lapped up by the audience for many reasons he says.

Sujith Shetty making good news from this film ‘Jothegara’ thanked the media for writing good reviews and appreciating the songs.

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