K B Tilak is no more

Renowned director-producer K B Tilak is no more. 84-year-old K B Tilak was recently admitted to KIMS hospital where he breathed his last on Thursday.
He introduced singer S Janaki and actress Jayaprada to Telugu films. S Janaki made her debut as singer in MLA (1957) with the song, `Nee Asha Adiyasa`, under the music direction of Pendyala.

He also introduced 15 year old Jayaprada in a small role in his film Bhumikosam. He was the nephew of the legendary director L V Prasad. He showed concern for the downtrodden and the oppressed; and fought for them. He detested social evils, customs and taboos. He espoused common civil rights and exposed corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. He longed for a better environment.

Born in a rural area of the West Godavari district in 1926, K B Tilak at a tender age participated in the freedom movement from 1939. He was jailed in 1942 during the quit India movement. He is one of the prominent personalities in India who recognized the might of cinema in molding the minds of the masses.

1. Muddu Bidda (B&W)
2. MLA (B&W)
3. Atta Oka Inti Kodalay ( (B&W)
4. Eedu Jodu (B&W)
5. Uyyala Jampala (B&W)
6. Chitti Tammudu (B&W)
7. Pantaalu Pattimpulu (B&W)
8. Bhomi Kosam (colour)
9. Kolleti Kapuram (Colour)
10. Dharmavaddi (Colour)

1. Choti Bahu (Colour)
2. Kangan (Colour)

1. Maamiyaarum Oru Veetu Marumgaley (B&W)
2. MLA (B&W)

Dharmapatni (B&W)

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