Priyamani opts out of Sangolli Raayanna

Priyamani has opted out of the historical film Sangolli Raayanna although she had earlier committed to do the project.
The film’s director Naganna says that Priyamani and her manager had shown extreme interest in the project during the earlier discussions, but backed out later may be because her character did not have scope for glamour.

The historical film Sangolli Raayanna has already created a big hype as it has been a long time since there has been a historical movie in Kannada. Sangolli Raayanna is a freedom fighter who fought against the British. He has been revered so much by the people of North Karnataka that he is treated like a demi god.

Darshan plays the title role in the film. This would have been Priyamani`s first film with Darshan. She is now concentrating more on glamorous roles. She has been busy working with Nagarjuna and Sumanth. Recently she even had an intimate kissing scene shot with Sumanth for her next movie to be produced by Kumar Brothers.

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