Kalaba Kadhalan


Banner:    Vishnu Talkies
Cast:    Arya, Renuka Menon, Akshaya
Direction:    Igor
Production:    S. Nandhakumar
Music:    Niru

Igor, the debut director, is a talent to watch out for. His offbeat narration in handling the difficult subject of forbidden love deserves praise.

Akhilan (Arya), like many of the heroes today, is a software professional from Chennai who visits a village in Tirunelveli district, approves of the typical wide-eyed village belle Anbarasi (Renuka Menon), marries her, brings her to the city and they lead an idyllic life of fun and frolic. Kanmani (debut appearance by Akshaya), sister of Anbarasi, comes to pursue her studies and lives with them. But she gets the hots for her brother-in-law Akhilan, lusts for him, and looks for ways and means to achieve her goal. When Anbarasi becomes pregnant, Kanmani boldly reveals her eagerness, her fixation and obsession to bed Akhilan at the earliest and at any cost. Anbarasi is totally unaware what is happening under her nose. What is Askhilan’s reaction? Does he fall in with her wishes? Does he succumb to her desires? Does the film have any imaginary hot sequences? See the movie if you want to know.

Though the plot has been used earlier, the treatment by the new director is new and novel, creating the right believable atmosphere and suspense. But with a tighter script rather than the tighter clothes, the film could have been more crisp and enjoyable. Arya, as the hero sandwiched between two alluring curvaceous and willing sisters, being offered the forbidden fruit and Akshaya, as the besotted girl, have both played their roles perfectly. show a fine understanding of their characters. Akshaya is the thrilling debut actress who impresses us with her performance, revealing the aspects of love, lust, cunning; truly, a talent to watch out for! Renuka Menon fulfils her limited role honorably.

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