Thiruvilayadal Arambam

Cast:    Dhanush, Shriya, Prakash Raj
Direction:    Boopathy Pandian
Music:    D Imman


Among young crop of actors, Dhanush’s case was the most unique. He got introduced in Tamil through a character that was complex and difficult. Having acquitted himself well in that, Dhanush followed that with bigger box office successes.

This movie is a good breezy entertainer that makes you feel involved. There are no artistic pretensions or faux attempts seemingly serious venture. The movie is an honest try at mass masala. It delivers on that, riding on the sincerity of Dhanush and the glamour and poise of Shreya. At the end of it all, you get a feeling of fun and satisfaction — just the kind of feeling to ring the year down.

The story is about Thiru (Dhanush) and his fight to prove himself to the world. He spends his time in the lark-filled company of his buddies (Sukumar, Karunas). But the rest of the world thinks them to be useless dross. Thiru’s parents (Mouli and Saranya) too have little hope on their ward. In one of the family fights, Thiru is ordered out by his dad.

The youngster is out on his own. He then comes across Priya (Shreya), sister of businessman Guru (Prakash Raj). Thiru tells Guru that he loves Priya. But Guru, being a rich man wants him out of the picture. Thiru also wants to get rich. Guru fixes deal with the dreamy young man. But he has to get the money as well as the girl.

How he does that is the core and this is where the director has shown some smart work and adroit handling of the script. The situation is routine, but the director has infused enough original thinking to make you stay interested till the end and not feel hackneyed.

Dhanush, with a show that is all gusto and gung-ho, gives it all he has. The verve and vivacity of his performance is very riveting. Dhanush and Prakash Raj vibe off very well and it is the run-ins that make the plot work. Dhanush also shows his flair for comedy. Shreya is all cool glamour and comfort. Prakash Raj is as efficient as ever.

Imman’s music suits the movie very well with its good mix. The remix song has the fans rooting for more.

Bhoopathy Pandian has a good grasp of what makes an entertainer click with the masses. His simple handling of an easy subject sees it through.

Past News

K Chandrasekaran, president, Nadigar Thilagam Sivaji Samuga Nala Peravai, has urged producer Dr Vimalageetha to change the name of her film Thiruvilayadal Arambam, under production with Dhanush starring in it, within 15 days or face legal action before the necessary forum.

In a notice issued to the producer on behalf of Chandrasekaran, it was stated that Thiruvilayadal is the name of film which starred thespian Sivaji Ganesan in the lead role. When people hear the word Thiruvilayadal, they would remember only Sivaji Ganesan.

‘Though your film is not Thiruvilayadal but Thiruvilayadal Arambam, it is no way connected with old devotional super hit movie. This act is highly condemnable due to the fact that the word Arambam is written under under the the gigantic label Thiruvilayadal which is unnoticeable. Since Thiruvilayadal was a devotional movie taken on the life history of Hindu Lord Shiva and any misuse of the title would hurt the feelings of the people’.

If the title of the movie is not changed within 15 days, necessary legal action would be initiated against the producer, the notice said.

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