Karthi in Vasantha Balan’s next ?

Sources say that Karthi may join hands with Vasantha Balan next. Karthi, apparently, is set on doing a serious film and decided that Vasantha Balan is the right choice for it. Vasantha Balan has some very serious flicks like Veyyil and Angadi Theru to his credit till date and his to-be released soon Aravaan looks simply superb. The word of mouth on this film is positive, say sources making it a success even before the release.

Following all this, the star has decided that Vasantha Balan can come up with a suitable script for him. It is said that Karthi had requested Vasantha Balan to come up with a story for him and the director is said to be working on it. In all probability, news about Vasantha Balan and Karthi teaming up may be officially announced soon.

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