Karthi likes Kajal more than Tamannaah!

Young stars of Kollywood seem to be taking the Bollywood route to create hype around a film.
Remember that during the release of Paiyaa, grapevine had it that Karthi and Tamannaah the lead pair in the film were seeing each other. The film turned out to be a hit and their on screen chemistry sizzled.

Now it looks like the whole incident was blown out of proportion by the PR guys, to make it work with the audiences.

The latest PR made romance blooming is the one between Karthi and Kajal Aggarwal, on the eve of the release of their Susindran directed Naan Mahaan Alla (NMA).

At the press meet of NMA, Karthi turned up, minus his heroine Kajal who was to attend the meet. The official reason for her absence was that “she had come to the Hyderabad airport to board her flight to Chennai but suddenly she developed stomach pain and decided to cancel her trip.”

To make up for the photo opportunity between the hero and the heroine, Karthi was asked at the press meet- “Which of the two, Tammu or Kajal is more beautiful?” Karthi did not duck the question instead went on the back foot and hooked it beautifully for a six!

Karthi’s answer without blinking an eyelid was- “Kajal is much taller than Tammu and has large beautiful eyes.” It left the media stumped. Is there something brewing between the two lanky and good looking actors as NMA gets ready for release on July 23?

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