Nalla Pattukare Review

I simply wish Najeem Arshad had declined this offer to act. He’s a young singer whom I have always admired, but to see him being relegated to an insipid role of a rich brat moving around pawing girls in ‘Nalla Paattukare’, was nothing but offensive.

The grave error that this film commits to those who have watched ISS is that you get to see those gifted singers whom you thought had oodles of talent move around like androids uttering unimaginably ridiculous dialogues. Imran cashes in on his weight for the role and they throw in an elephant on screen every time he walks in, for that extra effect.

Sannidanandan makes an appearance quite early in the film and as Santhanam, a reality show contestant reveals a tragic life tale that has everyone but the viewers in tears. Vijay Madhav has a sob story as well, and so do most of the other top contestants. The singer moms, they say, can be quite bad, and would see to it that their kids walk into those one crore flats, no matter what.

To be fair to the makers. there is nothing similar between the original reality show and the one in ‘Nalla Paattukare’. For one, the set looks like a shady joint, and the audience of the show looks like they have been brought there on gun point. And guess what? Irrespective of whoever is performing, you see all of them singing and dancing on stage. This is applicable to the final as well, when one contestant starts singing and all the other finalists join her on stage, chipping in their bits to the song.

What do you speak of a film that has Bheeman Raghu in drag? Yeah, dressed in a sari, we have the actor playing a dance instructor to a group of aspirants. The results are pretty catastrophic. There are plenty of other lesser known artistes doing itsy bitsy roles, most of whom are way out of line when it comes to their acting abilities.

There is a spoiler coming up, so if you plan to watch the movie in theatres, you could quit reading this right now. The grand finale of the show has one of the contestants rushing on to the stage to win and nothing but win, because she hopes to find her long lost dad through the process. Lo and behold, there he is finally, watching her from the audience. All ecstatic, she sings her heart out and loses. And what do you have? The results are announced, and taking into consideration her tragic life, the requests from her friends, and what not, she’s declared the winner!

And that’s not all. The moneybags Rajesh (Najeem) wins the contest and this is probably the only opportunity left for him to turn over a new leaf. And he does that by donating his prize to the runner up Shajahan (Vijay Madhav) who has been assisting his butcher uncle in the meat shop. Ain’t life wonderful?

It’s all a mess actually. The acting, the directing, the writing and even the lighting. And to top it all the music too. There is just one question to ask. What in the name of Ranjini Haridas were they thinking about while making this film?

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