Karthi to have a Mani Ratnam style wedding?

Wedding sequences in all Mani Ratnam’ films are beautifully picturised.Who can forget Roja, Alaipayuthe, Dum Dum and Guru?

Karthi, a former assistant of Mani Ratnam, it seems will have all pre-wedding functions at his village in their native Kasigounder Pudhur near Coimbatore with all rituals associated with a Hindu wedding .

Karthi is basically a family man who treasures old world systems and beliefs.

Though he was linked to some of the most beautiful women, in life he settled for an arranged marriage, a girl chosen by his parents.

The actor who is getting married to Ranjini on July 3 is taken off from his work and is personally inviting close friends.

He has knocked off a few kilos and is looking dapper in public.

When asked where he intends to stay after wedding, Karthi said: “I believe in joint family system and we will be moving to our T Nagar house. A new room has been readied for us.”

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