Katrina Kaif caught Times of India Film Awards 2013



Katrina Kaif was recently seen performing at the Times of India Film Awards 2013. The chick, we hear, was high on energy and looked super fresh on stage. And when we saw the pictures in which she was indulging in some rejuvenating nap before reaching Vancouver, we knew the reason behind all that oomph while she shook her booty for the Canadian audience.

Kat replenished her stock of energy by going into a brief sleeping mode in her car. And the moment she arrived at the Mumbai airport, the photographers went into a ‘taking her snap’ spree, thus disrupting KK’s beauty sleep. The babe made an appearance sans-make up and opted for a furry leather jacket. The actor looked dazed even after her the ‘refreshing’ nap, and we are sure she craved a li’l more sleep. C’mon we all do and press the snooze button until having a good look at the time shocks the daylights out of us. But for Kaif, the shutterbugs acted like the much needed alarm clock, giving us a pretty good view of the sleeping beauty’s non-glamorous charm…