Language:        TAMIL
Director:     AM Jyothi Krishna
Producer:     AM Ratnam
Cast:     Ravi Krishna, Ileana, Tamanna
Music:     Yuvan Shankar

Jothikrishna’s much-hyped Kedi is a triangular love story inspired by films like Mannan, Padyappa. Debutant Tamanna walks away with all honors as a rich girl who plays spoilsport on the romance between Ravikrishna and Ileana. Unlike his maiden venture Unnaku 18 Enakku 20, Jothikrishna has taken a gripping tale of romance laced with all commercial ingredients.

The movie begins in a brisk note. It is youthful in the first-half, wile the second-half is laced with emotions and sentiments. All credit goes to Jothikrishna for rendering a wholesome entertainer.

Ravikrishna plays a college student and his role is seemingly an extension of what he performed in 7G Rainbow Colony. He performs with ease and his body language deserves a special appreciation. He has tried his hands at stunts too in the film. The sought-after Tollywood girl Ileana looks cute.

The tall and lanky actress has fewer frames but has utilized them well. But the real scene-stealer is Tamanna. The girl, who plays the character that has the shades of Vijayashanthy (Mannan) and Ramya Krishnan (Padyappa), has made use of the opportunity adroitly. Her mannerisms and body language perfectly suits the character.

Atul Kulkarni, an actor with immense potential, plays the role of Tamanna’s brother. The movie has a huge star cast which includes M S Baskar, Ramesh Khanna and Suman Shetty.

Raghu (Ravikrishna) is a carefree college student. Along with his friends he enjoys his days in college without bothering about his academics. His life is changed after he encounters his Priyanka (Tamanna), who is the sister of a powerful State Minister Pughazhenthy (Atul Kulkarni).

The rich and the arrogant girl develop bad vibes with Raghu. Meanwhile, another classmate Aarthi (Ileana) gets introduced to Raghu. They develop a relationship and eventually she inculcates discipline and helps Raghu shine well in his academics too.img518/6525/kd2609062pi5.jpg

Eventually both fall in love. Now enters Priyanka on a mission to separate the couple. She decides to go to any extreme and even use her power, influence and money to get them estranged. Did she succeed in her attempts forms the rest. The music by Yuvan Shankar Raja is catchy. Jothikrishna has tried to stay away from run-of-the-mill action stuff. Has caught the pulse of youngsters well in rendering a youthful entertainer. A few scenes in the second half would attract womenfolk.

Jothikrishna deserves a pat for thinking out-of-the-box. Has announced his arrival to the big league with Kedi.

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