Manadodu Mazhaikalam


Language:        TAMIL
Director:     Arpudan
Producer:     Anthony
Cast:     Shaam, Nithya Das, Samiksha
Music:     Karthik Raja.

Campus love stories are nothing new to Kollywood. Adding to the long list is Manadodu Mazhaikalam. Though Arputhan, the director, has tried to give a different sheen to the movie, unfortunately the slow narration of sequences with predictable turn of events make it all plodding to watch.

Taking leaf out of movies like Vikraman’s Puthu Vasantham and Stanley’s April Madhathil, Arputhan has penned the script.

The movie is about a boy and girl developing affinity towards each other. They share a bond of friendship which continues till their end. However the director has tried to mix commercial elements and eventually loses the track.

Shaam takes of from where he left in Ullam Ketkumae. He plays a vivacious college student who gives everything for his friends. Looks fresh on the screen, but has to still get his expressions right.

Malluwood girl Nithyadas, who makes her debut in Tamil, has enough scope to perform. A fun-loving college girl, she plays Shaam’s friend, philosopher and guide. After a long gap, Malayalam actor Jayasuriya has a part to play in a Tamil movie. Glamour girl Samiksha fits the bill running around romancing Shaam.

Shiva (Shaam) is a popular face in the college campus. Unfortunately Shiva lands in prison for no fault of his. Sensing trouble, his friend stay away from helping him. Taking pity on him, his college mate Sathya (Nithyadas), with the help of her father, bails out Shiva from trouble. Coming to know about the incident, Shiva develops a soft corner for Sathya. They develop a ‘healthy’ friendship between them and spend all time together. Their relationship continues even after their college days. When their parents mistaking it to be an affair and decide to get them married, both refuse to their plans and insist that they are friends, who share same thoughts.

Sathya gets married to Karthik (Jayasuriya), while Shiva weds Shruthy (Samiksha). Years roll by but their affection continues. How and what are the consequences? Find out in the slow-moving scheme of things.img523/9192/nithyaun7.jpg

Music director Karthikraja clicks well. His songs, especially Puthithai Piranthom and Ayiram Vanavil, have come out well. Equally supportive has been Raghav’s cinematography.

However the scenes, especially the college sequences, have nothing new to offer. The ideas and themes look very cliched. The idea to be arty looks very forced

Though targeted at the youth, the movie lacks pace and just ambles like an old jalopy.

Had the director thought otherwise, the end product could have been different

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