Kick is a well knit tale about a guy who loves challenges and cannot live without getting a ‘kick’ out of doing things.

The film is a typical Ravi Teja entertainer with enough comedy that keeps the audience breaking into laughter every now and then. Ravi Teja and Ileana have paired up once again after Khatarnak. This time though they managed to come up with a much better output.

Kalyan (Ravi Teja) is an engineering graduate who never sticks to one job and keeps quitting jobs one after the other as he does not get enough ‘Kick’ in them.

He also gets the support of his father (Sayaji Shinde) in this. The hero meets the heroine in rather strange circumstances where the heroine’s friend had run away from home to get married to her car driver.

The car driver (Venu Madhav) turns out to be a friend of Ravi Teja. He informs the girl’s mother about the elopement, and says that unless there is some tension and drama, there will not be any ‘Kick’ in eloping and getting married.

Naina (Ileana) initially hates Ravi Teja but slowly falls in love with him. But after about a month, Ileana leaves him as he had quit his job once again, but keeps a secret from her.

Ileana goes off to Malaysia where her parents find a match for her in a boy named Shyam, a big police officer. During their introduction, Naina tells Kalyan Krishna (Shyam) about her failed love affair.

Kalyan Krishna also tells Naina about a robber who is evading him, who incidentally turns out to be Kalyan.

Once while Kalyan Krishna is in hot pursuit of Kalyan, Naina spots him, but Kalyan acts as if he had lost his memory and is undergoing treatment in Malaysia.

Seeing this, Naina who hates Kalyan wants to take revenge on him by marrying Shyam. The real game starts when Kalyan, Naina, Shyam and even Halwaraj (Brahmanandam) have their own scores to settle.

The audiences are all in dark as to why Kalyan turns a robber. The film then winds up with the director trying to give enough justification to the robber character of Kalyan.

Performance wise, Ravi Teja and Ileana have done well. Ravi Teja does justice to his carefree character and is an expert in portraying such roles repeatedly in films after films.

Ileana makes a come back after a long gap with the film. She is still as sexy as ever and the director exploits her charm and sex appeal to the hilt. Tamil actor Shyam is okay in the role of a cop.

Brahmanandam does his trademark comedy in the film, while Ali as a memory loss patient does manage to generate some laughs. Jayaprakash Reddy playing a comedian cop is okay.

Yesteryears heroine Prabha makes a comeback after a very long gap. Sayaji Shinde has done justice to his brief role as Ravi Teja’s father in the film.

The director has come up with a thoughtful storyline and though the presentation is neat, the narrative could have been better. The dialogues are good, with the neatly written script and screenplay.

Background score is good but the songs did not have that energy in them. Cinematography is impressive, editing is crisp, costumes are perfect and the art department has done their job with tremendous output.

Kick is a entertainer with all ingredients such as romance, comedy, sentiment and action. But still, it falls short and ends up being an average entertainer. The film with its ingredients for a masala movie has some thriller element in it. However, the makers could not maintain the thrill film in the movie.

The first half passes off peacefully, but the second half is even slower. Though the story picks up late in the movie and culminates into a neat climax.

The film has been made well but it could have better scenes. Overall, since there are no other movies in sight now, ‘Kick’ being a paisa vasool movie will definitely have a good run at the box office.

Director:Surender Reddy
Music:SS Thaman
Cast:Ravi Teja, Ileana,
Shaam, Ashika, Kota, Venu Madhav

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