Can youth films with a subtle message work besides providing entertainment? To get the answer to this question, you have to watch ‘Josh’ the ambitious project of SV Babu that took one and half years to be made by director of technical excellence in Kannada cinema Shivamani.

We not only see different Shivamani in this film but the enormous strength the film has for students and parents is a very well measured summer treat. The students and parents can have introspection and after coming out from the theatres without much of discussion the reformation takes place.

Raaki (Rakesh) loses his track in life. Love becomes very important for him and it is one side love. After school and college days Meena (Poorna) desert him for her professional career in medicine and Raki finds Meera (Nithya) as an alternative but she also discards him and questions his strength in life to live.

After the 10th standards the close friends of Rakhi also naughty finds the path suggested by their parents and indulges in studies. The director at this point of time stresses on the necessity of making strong base in life. Love in life can wait but the lost time for the teens cannot come once again. The director focus that love at this age is nothing but an infatuation which is the message.

On the convocation day, Raakhi comes up on stage and sums up his life going absolutely bad. My situation should not come to anyone he begs. Raaki friends do not leave him at this stage and encourage him.

The Kannada cinema industry has got a new hero Rakesh and new heroine Poorna. Both are very good in emotions and looks. Robo Ganesh the boneless wonder is the special attraction of this film. The other boys Vishnu, Akshay, Alok, Amith, Jagannath, Chethan – all selected from the talent search have proved that they can go ahead in future.

Achyuth Rao, Srinath, Srinivasa Prabhu, Sudha Belawadi and Thulasi Shivamani showed exemplary zeal in doing their roles. Nithya who comes in the second half is very sweet in her short presence.

Hey Magaa….Than thane Thane…..Namskara Sir…. and retuned yesteryears top song from ‘Geetha’ Kannada film Jothe Jotheyali….are worth hearing again. The major strong point of this well made ‘Josh’ is the excellence in the camera department. Santosh Rai Pathaje right from ‘7 O’Clock’ Kannada film has showed his grit and determination for very good cinematography.

Students and parents should watch this film without fail.

Producer:Sanjay Babu
Cast:Rakesh, Vishnu,
Akshay, Alok, Amith,
Jagannath, Poorna, Sneha

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