Cast: Ajith, Trisha, Saranya, Raj Kiran, Vivek, Cochin Haneefa, Santhanam, Ajay Kumar
Direction: AL Vijay
Production: Suresh Balaji
Music: GV. Prakash



Ajith’s exclusive and most honest movie of this season Kreedom, at last banged Chennai theaters on Friday. Ajith’s fans had occupied all most all the released theaters in Chennai on Friday and hosted Ajith’s king size posters, Wall papers inside the theater premises.

Besides, many cine personalities also seen watching the movie on the first day of the show along with “Thala” fans. This film express Ajith’s originality and commitment towards the film and Ajith was seen very cool, relaxed in delivering the dialogues and his charm face once again groomed well in this movie. In another end Trisha the young beauty of Kollywood was seen with glowing beauty in her face. Apart from that Rajkiran, Saranya, Vivek, Santhanam & Ajay lend decent characters in this movie.

Behind the screen, debutant Director AL Vijay had taken all efforts to make the film super hit. And Music Director G.V Prakash also scored rhythmic background music in order to suit the screenplay, in Kreedom Ajith didn’t give any room to “Gana” songs, so music director managed very pleasant tune for the movie. Last but not the least, producer Suresh Balaji and Adlabs taken sincere efforts in completing the film on time.

Film starts with Sakthivel (Ajith) an obedient son of sincere policeman, Rajarajan (Rajkeeran), Sakthivel’s momimg367/2885/trisha1ix1.jpg (Saranya) and his brother-in-law (Vivek) are all compromise with Rajarajan family. According to father’s wish Sakthivel taking all his effort to became a sincere police officer, Rajarajan trainees his son for the post of Sub-Inspector. At another end, Divya (Trisha) a college going girl falls love with Sakthivel and Vice versa, and there love continues. At this meantime Rajarajan has been transferred to violence prone area, for striking MLA’s son in public for his misconduct.

In next scene local Dada (Ajay) history are been briefed. Again a sincere policeman busted out after seeing a women was beaten up in the middle of the rode and this time Dada smashed Rajarajan in public. After seeing his father beaten up by dada Sakthivel entered into scene with smashing punch over the local Dada. After major defeat feared group run away from scene, this situation had shown Sakthivel as a rowdy. As the consequence Dada try to kill Sakthivel and this leads to Sakthivel to become fulltime rowdy. Because of the rowdy image Sakthivel has been neglected by Divya’s family and the rift separates the couple. Emotion mounted climax part is the major break in the film, Sakthivel’s close confrontation with local Dada and his ambition to became Police Officer are been produced with emotion packed screenplay by the director Vijay.

Whether Sakthivel is becoming police officer or not? The question mark raised by the director is simply superb. But in seeing overall aspect Ajith is a mass hero and the character similar to that of Mass hero might even worked well. Avoided punch dialogues and utter words shows the film quality. At the outset Ajith enacted very decent role in this img261/5551/kireedom1907073lq9.jpgfilm and successfully completed the film without any lapse.

Trisha is not been used properly in this film, besides Vivek and Santhanam comedy didn’t work better. In overall picture Ajith’s acting and Rajkeeran sentiment advice and Dada Ajay action scenes were spotted in the screen.

For this climate this film has its own tilt and this time Ajith had succeed in giving classical sentimental Movie Kreedom.

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