Language: KANNADA
Genre: Comedy
Director: Ramesh Aravind
Producer: Ajay Chandani
Cast: Ramesh Aravind, Jennifer Kotwal, Daisy Bopanna, Anirudh,
Mohan, Komal, Netra,,Dattanna, Sunder Raj
Music: Guru Kiran



Ramesh Arvind comes back with ‘Sathyavaan Saavithri’ and you won’t be disappointed with this one. ‘Sathyavaan Saavithri’ moves one step ahead from Ramesh’s previous film ‘Raama Shaama Bhaama’ to demonstrate the creative and innovative facet of this actor who has a different style of his own.

‘Sathyavaan Saavithri’ is the remake of Hollywood hit ‘Cactus Flower’ from which even a recent Bollywood release ‘Maine pyaar kyoon kiya’ was based. It is essentially a fun film without any logic. Ramesh makes the film fully entertaining by his stylish and visually appealing presentation. The film has loads of fun, glamour and some serious moments in the later part of the film. But primarily it is the film that is made to keep the audience in splits throughout. Ramesh wins half the battle to achieve his objective of making people laugh by selecting a perfect star cast which has talented artists like Anirudhdh, Komal and Mohan who bloom throughout the film. Ramesh also capitalizes from the technical expertise of his cameraman P.K.H.Doss, Music director Guru Kiran and the contribution from his writer Rajendra Karanth who has his big share of punch dialogues.

Ramesh plays the role of a dentist doctor Sathyavaan, a compulsive liar who has an eye on cute girls, but does notimg528/5474/postereu5.jpg like to marry for sure. But he is always forced by his grand father who threatens him that all the property will be given to charity if he does not decide to marry immediately. A deadline is also fixed. And then there is this traditional, but yet intelligent Subbalakshmi working as assistant to the dentist who is in love with Sathya. But Sathya prefers glamorous Monisha instead. Monisha is instead loved by another person who prefers to enter any house through windows than from the entry door. There are Sathya’s permanent patients like Naidu (Mohan), Sippe Gowda (Komal) and the Shetty (Sundar Raj) to add fuel to his already compounded problems. Sathya lies to Monisha that he is already married to gain her sympathy. And then starts the roller coaster ride of fun, emotions, confusions, comedy of errors and it goes on till the end to entertain the viewers.

Ramesh is at his creative best as an actor and also as a director. He is ably supported by a team of talented actors like Anirudhdh, Mohan, and Komal who have put in their best. Daisy looks good and also performs well to prove her credentials as an actress of merit. Jennifer is trendy, modern and her body language perfectly suits the character she plays on. All the other veteran actors have put in decent performances.

As already mentioned, the technical team has done excellent work to take the film to greater heights. Sathyavaan Saavithri is a fun frolic better to be seen immediately.

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