Kita Kitalu


STARING: Allari Naresh, Madhu Shalini, Geeta Singh

DIRECTOR: EVV Satyanarayana



Making a comedy surrounding a slim man and a rotund wife is a tightrope walk. A slip here or there would make it thoroughly unpleasant. Kamal and Balu Mahendra made that eminently enjoyable Sathi Leelavathi in Tamil. Now EVV has followed suit. The movie is a laugh-a-riot as puns and one-liners tumble out in seemingly endless profusion. It keeps you rolling in the aisles. The complaint, if it can be said so, is the fun never stops.

The story starts off with Rajababu (Naresh), a cop. Circumstances force him to marry Soundarya (Geetu Singh), a woman of imposing girth and a stronger moral fibre. But Rajababu has his own ideas of beauty and he naturally falls for the charm of the curvaceous Rambha (Madhu Shalini) on his honeymoon trip itself.img241/9056/kitajpgmf9.jpg

Rambha too thinking that he is a wealthy man reciprocates his love. So Rajababu decides to separate from his wife. Soundraya is not ready take things lying down. As a woman of mental fortitude, she fights back intelligently. Soundarya lets her husband know that she will allow him to divorce her only if he manages to find a groom for her again. That sets the fun mill rolling. Elsewhere, Rambha also realizes that Rajababu’s wealth is not his really. So one thing leads to another, and finally all ends well.

The joke fest is told in a very interesting manner and Geetu Singh carries the film on her considerable girth. She is simply superb as a heavy-weighted wife. Her comedy sense and her understanding of a difficult character is very good. Allari Naresh is full of enthusiasm and ebullience. He gets the body language right for the role. His roving eye character is well etched. Madhu Shalini oozes style and glamour. There is a gaggle of comedians who also add to the mirth.

The movie’s big strength is the never-ending stream of witty one-liners and jokes. The exchanges are spontaneous and bring the house down. Even the songs are remixed ones.

The director has got the right script and dialogues and has then captured them without any confusion. He also manages to maintain the tempo.

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