Banner:    SSC Arts
Cast:    Sumanth, Kamalinee Mukherjee, Neetu Chandra, Kamal Kamaraju, Tanikella Bharani
Direction:    Sekhar Kammula
Production:    GVG Raju
Music:    KM Radha Krishnan

There are movies that draw crowd on their sheer merit. These movies need very little hype, no star value addition, very little skin show and no high decibel brawl. You don’t find huge cut outs of the hero of the film staring at the traffic or innumerable banners showcasing the support of fans associations. Movies like these make their entry almost unnoticed but make their presence felt gradually because of their originality and brilliance.

Anand was such a movie last year and Godavari is the movie this year. If watching Anand was pleasurable like drinking a nice hot cup of coffee, watching Godavari is like sipping a soothing cool drink on a breezy beach on a summer evening.

Smoky hillocks, swirling waters and a boat make sure that every scene in Godavari is picture perfect. The scenery doesn’t undermine the captivating cinematography rather adds to it. Shot almost entirely on a boat on the meanderingimg256/3425/godavari0205061ja5.jpg Godavari River the movie delves deeper into the human psyche: what kind of a man a self-respecting, independent and nubile woman seeks, why love is such a mushy phenomenon for some and how a man recovers from rejection. It’s a little bit like Mills and Boons kind of romance on River Godavari. Add to that an insightful talking dog with a sense of humor and the entertainment is complete.

From the first frame to the last, there isn’t a single thing that looks out of place in the movie. None of the characters ever utter anything that’s unnecessary. None of the actors give any expression that’s out of sync with the scene. That’s Sekhar Kammula’s dexterity in filmmaking. These days, while rain sequences are shot with mechanical showers and under bright sunshine, Sekhar Kamulla shoots in actual rain and catches a rainbow in the process. This kind of diligence is indicative of the pains a sincere director is willing to take to make the film as authentic as possible.

Emboldened by the scope given by Sekhar Kammula, Sumanth and Kamlini Mukherjee explore their own hidden acting talents via the movie with their natural styles. Sumanth proves that an actor need not have zany good looks, but must have acting talent and a creative director to guide.

Sri Ram (Sumanth) is caught between two girls Sitaimg187/6619/godavari0205063vl4.jpg (Kamalini) and Raji (Neetu Chandra), that’s all we would like tell about the story.

You must see this movie, may be more than once. If your friends are whisking you away to watch this movie, be game, you will find yourself thanking them profusely afterwards. Not to speak of the good values characterizing the movie rubbing on you.

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